Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 406 of Friday 22 February 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Kylian gets some unexpected help during his interrogation, Chloe is worried about Margot. Flora, meanwhile, finally gets what she wants. And Bilel discovers what awaits him. Capture d'screen/DNA Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1 ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! Friday, February 22, in Tomorrow belongs to us… Kylian gets some unexpected help-Asked by Martin, Kylian admits to being responsible for the assault of Robin Bellanger and Chantal Dumas and claims to have acted alone. The interrogation is, however, interrupted by Lou, who introduces himself as the advocate of Kylian, to the surprise of Martin and the young activist. Once the commander Constant out of the room, Lou says to Kylian that she’s going to defend on one condition : that he keeps for him the agreement with Victor Brunet. If he refuses, he will still be able to take a lawyer but will probably spend 20 years in prison. Kylian then to accept the proposal from Lou, but has one condition : he wants the Brunet to pay each month the nursing home of her aunt. A query that, according to the lawyer, will not be a problem. At the hospital, Margot continues to refuse to prevent the father of her baby. And to make matters worse, she always felt not her son and looks at him hardly, which worries a lot of Chloe, who asks for a favor to Karim : allow Kylian to talk to Margot. She is convinced that only he will be able to reason with them. And actually, thanks to Kylian, Margot understands that her baby has not asked anyone, and that he needs her. So, even if it collapses at the time of having to say goodbye to her boyfriend, who is certain that he will not escape the prison, and that she thinks that it will not succeed without him, Margot seems to gradually become aware of its new role of mother. For proof, she ends up giving a name to the baby (Caesar, in tribute to the great-grandfather of Kylian) and goes up to take her in his arms, under the compassionate eyes of Chloe. Flora recovers Info Sète Victor Brunet found himself Flora at the restaurant and announces to him that he agrees to give him Info Sète. But he promises him that she has not finished paying for, which suggests that he is determined to continue to rot his life. Flora then makes out that they might need one another because she hopes to find in the near future his position in the town hall and knows that he will definitely need the support of the city council at a given time. A little later, Flora is part of the new Anna and he proposes to resume their collaboration to the head Info Sète. Anna agrees but does lack of not to remind Flora that their reports will be limited now to a relationship strictly professional. Things never will again never be like before between them. Bilel is trapped by Corkas Leila, for its part, receives an envelope full to bursting with notes of 50 and 100 euros, accompanied by a word of Mickaël Corkas, co-inmate of Bilel, who claims to know how hard life is for a family of a prisoner and ensure to keep an eye on it. It realizes that it is a pressure shot for Bilel keeps silence about plans to Corkas and fact to her husband in a parlor. On his return in a cell, Bilel confronts Corkas, who claims that the money is sent to Leïla is only a small boost. After all, he has confidence in him and knows that he does not speak. But Bilel soon learns information that will change everything : the escape of Corkas is scheduled for Monday and it’s going to have to take part. Corkas leaves him no choice.

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