Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 407 of Monday, February 25, 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… Corkas puts his plan into action and escapes from the prison with Bilel. Margot, meanwhile, was finally released from the hospital with Caesar but does not think at only one thing : Kylian. Capture d'screen/TF1 Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us aired Monday evening on TF1 ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! Monday, February 25, in Tomorrow belongs to us… Corkas escapes and force Bilel to follow him In prison, Corkas puts his plan into action. Having knocked out the maton with whom he is in cahoots, to make it look like an assault, he pretends to take Bilel hostage with her gun and the two prisoners manage to leave the prison and escape almost unmolested. They come in a car that awaits them and go off to find Virginia, the wife of Corkas. This last made them understand that they need to hurry because of the police checkpoints have been put in place across the region. It is not necessary to hang out with. But Bilel refuses to follow them. He asks Corkas to hit it and leave it on the side of the road. Because everything that wants to Bilel is to go and purge quietly the rest of his sentence to find his family. Corkas do not hear, however, not of this ear and force Bilel to ride with him in the car in Virginia. In parallel, aware of the escape of Corkas and their father, Soraya and Noor are beginning to worry. It’s obviously going to be the same for Leila, who confides to Samuel that she was aware of the will of Corkas to escape and that she is afraid that it all ends in a blood bath. A little later, Lucie comes to interrogate him in the hospital, but Laila assures not to have noticed anything during his last parlor with Bilel. He was just depressed because of the prison. The statements of Lucy about Corkas, which she describes as someone who could become violent in a confrontation with the police, do not in any case nothing to reassure her. At the police station, George announces to Martin that Virginia, the former lawyer of Corkas, which has since become his wife, and their son Jules didn’t show up for a week with work and school. Transfers important have also been made from the account of Virginia. In short, everything leads us to believe that it has helped Corkas and that this money will be used to start a new life far away from France. But in the course of the evening, Corkas, his wife, and Bilel find themselves facing a roadblock of cops. They then decide to flee across the fields, but Bilel refuses again to move. Corkas, who loses patience, however, requires the track and Karim and his colleagues are starting to open fire. Back in the Delcourt with Caesar, Margot’t think Kylian is D-day for Margot. She can finally go home in the Delcourt but just to be very interested by Caesar, his son. Because in reality, the teenager would not think to Kylian. She asks Jessica, who came to keep him company, make him service, and taking care of Caesar to his place for a few hours. Jessica, who doesn’t really have the choice, accepts but is quickly overtaken by the constant cry of the little one. Margot, meanwhile, goes to see Karim at the police station, in the hope of convincing him to speed up his application of parlor with Kylian. But Karim still think the young activist, arrested for the murder of Chantal Dumas, is not a good man and advises Margot to forget it and move on to something else. The young mother refuses, obviously, and crying that he doesn’t really know Kylian. Karim ends up to give in and agrees to see what he can do. When Chloe comes home from high school to the high school in the late afternoon, she found Cesar in tears in the arms of Jessica. Margot pretends that everything went well, he slept a good part of the afternoon, but Chloe realizes that the girls have forgotten to change the baby. It proposes to Margot to give him a hand but the girl tells him that she has something else to do. Chloe is dedicated, therefore, to deal with all alone of Caesar the.

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