Kepler(s) on France 2 : Marc Lavoine in "a role that explores the darkness that there is at the bottom of each one of us"

Marc Lavoine teams up with Sofia Essaïdi in “Kepler(s)”, a series starring a detective with multiple personalities on the trail of a teenage girl disappeared in the outskirts of the jungle of Calais. Has follow as soon as this evening on France 2. Jean-philippe BALTEL / EVS / FTV tonight on France 2, Marc Lavoine swaps his clothes of popular singer to those of a cop with expeditious methods in Kepler(s), a thriller in six parts which he co-starred with Sofia Essaïdi, in front of the camera of the director Frédéric Schoendoerffer. His character Samuel Kepler is a police officer reached of the syndrome of dissociation of the personalities, who loses control during a descent and slaughter in cold blood and a drug dealer was unarmed. Demoted to an administrative position in the Calais region, the latter sees his demons to the fore while investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl. “A role that explores the darkness that there is at the bottom of each of us” according to the interpreter of the “Eyes Revolver,” which has not hesitated to draw on his own experience to try to understand the hassle of the character, and bring out his own anger at the scenes where Kepler loses control of his emotions. Jean-philippe BALTEL / EVS / FTV at The helm of the series, a movie director confirmed, a specialist in polar films, such as Scenes of crimes and Mobsters : Frédéric Schoendoerffer. A “great director-actor” according to Sofia Essaïdi, visibly delighted with his experience of shooting, while Marc Lavoine did not hesitate to compare the maker of “the greatest, he is of the caliber of the geniuses, in the same rank according to me that Claude Chabrol or Sergio Leone.” Asked about his work in images of scenes of character’s inner conflict with his “passenger” (the name given in the series of its other entities), Schoendoerffer answers will be simply supported on a screenplay, very descriptive, where all the annotations and necessary guidance were provided (penumbra, the bars of a cage, echo,..), as is so well that he no longer had to reproduce them faithfully during the shooting. As for the direction of actors, it has primarily rested on it on the talent of its performers rather than its own guidelines. Jean-philippe BALTEL / EVS / FTV Begin his series by the murder committed by a police officer in service is it the sign that the fictions of the public service are beginning to emulate the american productions, and their heroes more dark and tortured than in the past ? The comparison is in any case fully borne by the two writers of Kepler(s) Yoann Legave et Jean-Yves Arnaud for that series such as The Shield and The Wire have “obviously” been influences. Can we expect to see other series of this kind appear on a public channel over the next few years ? “We hope in any case” meet in the heart of the two writers, to which the productions of cable but also the platforms, SVOD (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) have dramatically changed our media landscape. But with an average age of more than 55 years, remains to be seen if the tv viewers of France 2 are equally ready to change their television viewing habits… Marc Lavoine face his demons in the trailer for Kepler(s) : Kepler, (s) – season 1 trailer VF