Toy Story 4 : the association PETA wants the Shepherdess gives up her butt

A few months of the release of “Toy Story 4” is expected in cinemas on the 26th of June, Pixar has unveiled this week the new modern look of the shepherdess, Bo Peep. But the character is still flown her butt, which is not to the liking of the association PETA. Walt Disney / Pixar Absent from the third installment came out in 2010, Bo Peep, the Shepherdess in porcelain loving, Woody, will be back in Toy Story 4, which will be released in cinemas on June 26 next. And for the occasion, as revealed by Pixar in the beginning of the week, she will be entitled to a brand new look, as she has said goodbye to his pink robe and his cap another time to put on a blue overall and a cape which would give him almost the air of a super-heroine. Bo’s Back. #ToyStory4 — Toy Story 4 (@toystory) January 28, 2019, A change that the director Josh Cooley has justified in the following way : “Bo has taken control of its destiny. While Woody watched Andy grow up, Bo took the dust until the day she decided to get out and explore the world”. The actress Annie Potts, who lends her voice to the Shepherdess, has applauded this evolution by stating that the new Bo Peep was a “modern, independent, confident and competent”. But a detail in the look of the character has not been changed since it is still flown proudly in his crook of a shepherdess, which is not really to the liking of the association PETA for animal rights that request to Josh Cooley “really fit the mood of the time by putting his crook of a shepherd is a tool cruel used in the wool industry to catch sheep by the neck or by a member – in closet”. Lauren Thomasson, the person in charge at PETA United States of issues related to animals used in film, therefore, has addressed a letter to the director of the film, we suggest you discover below : “Dear Mr. Cooley, Best greetings from PETA ! A large number of our 6.5 million members and supporters around the world are big fans of the film series Toy Story. As the first animated film to be long-format, fully designed in image synthesis, Toy Story has paved the way for the animation scanned and new digital technology, replacing the animals that otherwise would be exploited to the cinema. I am contacting you today about the new “look” of the character of the shepherdess, Bo Peep. Given that her new appearance is supposed to give it a modern look, why does she always butt the old-fashioned and cruel ? You may not know this, but these butts berger are used to catch sheep by the neck and force these gentle animals to move forward. It is a practice violent that Bo Peep progressive would certainly not in 2019 ! A Bo Peep contemporary and “badass” would probably be a result of the shearers, not sheep. Here at PETA, we are working hard to change the way people view and treat animals, including sheep. Our research overwhelming shows that during shearing the sheep are often beaten with fists and kicked, dragged and trampled by the shearers are paid for that work quickly and remove as much wool as possible as fast as they can, as you can see here. You are certainly agree that a symbol of domination over the animals is archaic and has no place in Toy Story 4. Will you be the butt of Bo Peep in the final cut of the film ? We are sure that everywhere in the world, the growing number of people who care about the cause of animal was prepared to sing your praises – and those of Bo Peep if this slight change were to take place. Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to receiving your opinion on the matter. Sincerely, Lauren Thomasson
Responsible for issues related to animals used in film.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)” Remains to be seen whether the call of PETA United States will be heard by Pixar and director of Toy Story 4 by the release of the film in the world next summer. The teaser for Toy Story 4 : Toy Story 4 Teaser VF